Fitness With a Purpose

Fight Fitness: 45 minutes

You get 45 minutes of non stop bag work on 48 six foot bags using the combatives of Krav Maga to relieve stress, shed pounds, increase stamina and energy. This aint Tae Bo or Step aerobics. After a 5 minute warm up we beat on bags and use sports conditioning techniques to challenge every muscle in the body while strengthen heart and lungs. Each class will include 8-12 minutes of the latest and best ab work. Bring a BIG water bottle, you will need it.

Express Fitness: 45 minutes

This is a mini version of our hugely popular Extreme Kick Box bag class. You will use several type bags in a multitude of combinations to burn fat shed pounds increase stamina and endurance while firming and toning. If you are pressed for time but want a great work out to burn the calories, relive stress and improve your attitude before heading home give it a try.

Krav Cross Training: 60 minutes

Our 3 instructors who teach this class have been trained in Cross Fit for the past three years. They have combined the skills of Cross Fit with other sports conditioning, interval training, Pilates, Plyametrics, and the usual heavy tire, sledge hammer work to create a class that will challenge you to your very core. If you want to experience what it is like to push every muscle group to your personal limit and encouraged to go further this is for you.

Combat Cardio: 45 minutes

This class combines the best of Fight Fitness and Express Fitness to give you a fat burning, muscle toning, calorie destroying, attitude adjusting charge through 45 minutes of bag work, cardio, abs, and drills.

Extreme Kick Box Bag Class: XKBB 60 minutes

This is as good as it gets. The best work out in Central Texas. XKBB combines the latest sports conditioning techniques, cardio, fitness drills, bag work, weights, resista-bands, jump ropes, boxing drills and other surprises for the most complete exercise class you have ever experienced. If you really want to lose weight, firm, tone, condition, relieve stress, adjust attitude while learning skills that could also save your life this class is for you. You will also receive free nutritional counseling.

Krav Maga Body Works

Krav Maga Body Works is a workout intended for all body types. This class will work your body from the core out by alternating excercises and muscle groups. The combination of weight training, bag work, core body training, resistance bands, and traditional calisthenics will help the student gain strength while lower his/her body fat percentage. Using weights increases bone density and muscle mass helping to burn more calories even while sleeping. Muscle development will only stregthen a punch!

Fitness (Duration: 0:23)

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